"We have an amazing range of cake flavours to really tickle your cakey taste buds. We have our originals, our tastebud ticklers and we are always leaving space for new tastes and infusions. Try something new today with our luxe flavours perhaps..."


Our Originals




Real Red Velvet

Our moist red velvet mix is just the right taste, flavour and colour for all the red velvet lovers. Complimented with cream cheese or any other frosting of your choice.


Simply Vanilla

Vanilla sponge mixed to the smoothest consistency for the fluffiest taste ever. We use Madagascan vanilla and our other vanilla essences to give it that 'simply vanilla' flavour - Bakers Fave.

Cookies & Cream

A mix of America in London. Oreo biscuit crumble into a fold of subtle white cake mix and a few secret ingredients added in - Our 'HIT' flavour amongst most of our customers.

Our Tastebud Ticklers




Chocolate Trio Mess

Using the better quality coco and a trio of three different chocolates grades, this moist chocolate 'mess' bursts in your head - literally; BE WARNED.


An array of fresh organic carrots, nutmeg and cinnamon spices and the best free range eggs in town. Our carrot cakes will be your best friend after dinner with a mug of something hot and not too sweet.


Imagine having a taste of lemon'ade in cake form. Our perfect balance of a fluffy lemon sponge sandwiched with a creamy 'lemon'ade 'American buttercream. You wont be saving any slices for anyone.. a must try.


Our Luxury's




Lime & Coconut

Ever tried a Pina Colada and thought 'Hmm, something is missing'?.. Well this is what you have been missing! The zing but not too sour zest of a lime, matched with a creamy coconut fusion - in CAKE.


Have a try of a nutty cake but not too nutty.. Posh nosh Pistachio kind of nutty. Enjoy this cake ride balanced with a cheeky layer of Swiss meringue buttercream.

Rose Vanilla Cremè

Using the finest rose water imported from Turkey, this cake is sure to leave an impression. A taste like no other covered in fluffy vanilla creme or buttercream.


Cakes freshly baked to order... Sprinkled with 'Gold Dust'

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